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Welcome to BANKING AI


About us

Morphiq embodies a transformative power

We are a Berlin-based company that believes in turning customers into fans through the power of AI solutions. Our team consists of European professionals with over 50 years of cumulated experience in the banking industry, building businesses from scratch, creating big data models, building successful teams and implementing compex cross-border partnerships.


Our mission is to fix customer engagement. We take the unused financial data from banks and turn it into meaningful customer interactions, making it more intelligent and customer-focused. In essence, morphiq isn’t just filling a gap, it’s building a new path towards how customer engagement should be.


The model

We begin with basic transactional data commonly present in any bank account statement. This information undergoes a data cleaning and pre-processing algorithm, followed by a data enrichment engine. The resulting output is then utilized by our core engine, which analysis over 140 signals to generate actionable insights. These insights serve as the foundation for tailoring customized messages.

Data & Security

We know banking is built on trust and keeping client data private it’s a business imperative. By virtue of our partnership with leading cloud companies, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), we provide a secure and compliant infrastructure for processing your data, employing industry – standard security and privacy best practices, with top – tier cloud security governance.


All our servers are stored in the European Union and any data processed by Morphiq is encrypted in transit and at rest, applying strong cryptographic measures.


We employ a shared responsibility model as you have full control of your data that you can safely deploy or remove anytime, according to your needs. Soon to be ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, PCI – DSS certified.