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Transactions is all you need

The vast expanse of the financial sector encompasses services like personal banking, credit cards, loans, insurance, investment products, wealth management and other. Intriguingly, individual interactions with these services can diverge widely, even when demographic profiles are strikingly similar. This prompts an essential inquiry: Can financial recommendation systems, powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), be built purely […]

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Security is all you need

The integration of AI into finance is not just an emerging trend; it’s a revolutionary step that’s transforming the way financial institutions operate. With the introduction of Generative AI Transformer-based models, the industry is gaining the ability to deliver personalized and dynamic customer experiences that cater to ever-changing customer needs. The potential and the challenges […]

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Quality is all you need

In 2017, a landmark paper titled “Attention is All You Need” was published by a team of Google researchers. This innovative work introduced the Transformer architecture which replaced recurrent neural networks (RNN) and convolutional neural networks (CNN) with attention mechanisms as the primary operation for processing sequences. This groundbreaking approach resulted in models that delivered […]

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